Mobile Marketing Usage Infographic

Mobile User Data and Marketing Success Stories

A recent infographic from compiled some recent compelling statistics on mobile user behaviors and mobile marketing strategies that work for companies. The following is a highlight of some of…

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Guest Blogging

Role of Guest Blogs in Content Marketing

Like a person appearing on a TV or radio talk show to offer guest content, a brand representative can submit guest articles to websites and blogs that allow them to…

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Digital Marketing on Mobile

Introduction to Digital Marketing

You can define digital marketing in a variety of ways. The simplest approach is to describe it as the use of digital media channels to plan and execute marketing strategies….

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Black Hat SEO Tactics

What is Black Hat SEO?

The phrase “content is king” has long been used in search engine optimization to point out that quality content is job one to good search rankings. Black Hat SEO is…

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Digital Marketing Job Specialization

Digital Marketing Employment and Salary Survey Analysis

As digital marketing investment has exploded in recent years, so to have career and income opportunities in related fields. An analysis of the Hafiz Digital Marketing Salary Survey 2018 offers…