Digital Marketing Job Specialization

Digital Marketing Employment and Salary Survey Analysis

As digital marketing investment has exploded in recent years, so to have career and income opportunities in related fields. An analysis of the Hafiz Digital Marketing Salary Survey 2018 offers…

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Global Search Engine Market Share

The Current State of Search Engine Optimization

To an extent, companies can achieve some level of search engine optimization by producing useful, relevant content that users appreciate. After all, the changes in search algorithms over time have…

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Guide to Digital PageSpeed Score

How to Prepare for the Google Speed Update

With the Google Speed Update set to launch in a few short months in July, it is not too early to prepare your website for search engine optimization success. This…

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Google Search on Mobile Device

Page Speed Becomes Google Mobile Search Ranking Factor in July

In January, Google announced its latest move in its relentless pursuit to prioritize mobile search user experiences. The “Speed Update” is going to integrate page-load speed into its mobile search…

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U.S. Programmatic Digital Display Ad Spending

How to Buy Digital Advertising: Direct Buy versus Programmatic

Deciding how to buy digital advertising can seem overwhelming if you haven’t done it before. There are limitless websites and search engines that sell online ads, including the popular display…

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