10 Best Digital Marketing Books for 2018

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Last updated on March 24th, 2018

Crushing It!There is no way to cover all the best digital marketing books for 2018 available in bookstores and via digital download. However, this list is an attempt to highlight some of the top works available across the vast domain of digital marketing.

The following is an overview of one of the top digital marketing books for 2018 in each of 10 categories of digital marketing:

Best Digital Marketing Strategy Book

Crushing It!: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence—and How You Can, Too by Gary Vaynerchuk was published in January 2018. It is the sequel to Vaynerchuk’s 2009 international best-seller Crush It! In this version, Vaynerchuk gives special attention to social media, as he covers strategies across all the major platforms to help entrepreneurs build their brands and create digital influence. The book is loaded with proven strategies and practical tips.

Best Web Development or Design Book

Hello Web Design: Design Fundamentals and Shortcuts for Non-Designers by Tracy Osborn was published in November 2017. Osborn targets non-designers, including marketers and engineers, who are tasked with creating landing pages and other online tools for a business. With a straightforward approach, this book overviews the most basic design elements, including grid, colors and effective use of white space.

Best User Experience Book

Hippo: The Human Focused Digital Book by Pete Trainor was published in January 2018. User experience has become central to digital communication, as companies realize the need to offer on-website and in-app users a top-level experience. This book discusses the correlation between design, technology, psychology and humanity to help readers learn to focus on “why” their users behave a certain way.

Best Content Marketing Book

Practical Content Strategy & Marketing by Julia McCoy was published in November 2017. McCoy aims at educating readers on the facets of content within a marketing strategy. She offers practical tips on creating content that targets a particular audience with a specific message strategy. It is a step-by-step guidebook with strong application.

Best SEO Book

SEO Exposed by Ron Zayas was published in January 2018. Zayas begins with an overview of how search engines work, which is an important foundation for anyone hoping to understand search engine optimization. He then offers practical perspectives on how to build or improve your website to achieve success in search rankings.

Best Social Media Marketing Book

The Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising by Brian Meert and Anne Felicitas tackles the behemoth channel of social media. Centered on paid advertising strategies, this book discusses the importance of Facebook’s large audience, the quality access to data for effective targeting, and the ad format options available to businesses.

Best CRM Book

Pulling in the Same Direction: A Management Guide for Aligning Sales and Marketing to Improve Results
by Barry Fowell and Chris Behan takes on one of the greatest challenges to CRM success — the common rift between marketing and sales teams. The authors discuss factors contributing to marketing and sales misalignment, strategies to prevent or fix it, and the implications for success in customer relationship management for a business.

Best Analytics Book

Data Analytics: Data Analytics and Agile Project Management – A Two Book Bundle by Robert Keane connects two critical topics within a data-driven organization. Keane talks about the importance of a company knowing the data it needs, how to collect it and what tools to use to predict outcomes. In the second book in the bundle, he focuses on project management agility, which has become a big topic as companies look to adapt to rapidly-changing technology and marketplaces by paying close attention to analytics.

Best Mobile Marketing Book

Mobile Marketing: How Mobile Technology is Revolutionizing Marketing, Communications and Advertising by Daniel Rowles was published in February 2017. This edition is a follow-up to an award winning version published in 2014. This time, Rowles talks about increased challenges in attract attention from mobile users, particularly as multi-device usage rates are high. He also discusses the significance of mobile optimization for SEO.

Best Online Advertising Book

Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen by Donald Miller was published in October 2017. Miller, a New York Times best-selling author, outlines his “StoryBrand” process for building connections with customers in a competitive marketplace. In addressing online branding concepts, Miller explores the reasoning behind customer behaviors and how companies should respond in website, brochure and social media communication.


These are 10 of the best digital marketing books for 2018! Each one offers valuable theories, insights, strategies, tips and practical application across a diversity of topics. Feel free to add a comment with your favorite or to suggest other top digital marketing books to readers.

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