4 Pinterest Marketing Benefits for Small Business

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Pinterest launched in March 2010, making it one of the youngest prominent social media channels. Since it is an image-bookmarking site, the primary Pinterest marketing benefits for small business apply to companies with excellent visual merchandising capabilities. However, this qualifier is only limiting to the extent your business can’t create interesting visual demonstrations based on the solutions you sell.

To help you evaluate the implications for your company, the following is an overview of several of the most important Pinterest marketing benefits for small business!

Affordable Social Media Promotion

As with other social media platforms, Pinterest offers ample organic promotion opportunities that only require an investment of design and publication time. Original posts are called “Pins.” They consist of an image and optional link to a landing page. Pins are organized into “Boards,” which are topic or theme-based categories designated by the user.

The following graphic from Statistica reveals the most popular Pinterest categories:

Most Popular Pinterest Categories

To expand your presence and reach, create Buyable Pins. It is free to create these Pins, which allow you to drive users to your website with the intent to purchase products. You can expand the reach of Buyable Pins and target precise personas by paying to promote them.

Speaking of targeting precise users, women make up 81 percent of the Pinterest audience. It is popular among Millennials, but the site’s diverse age group is evident by its median user age of 40. While 40 percent of new sign-ups are men, males only contribute 7 percent of Pins.

Audience Enthusiasm for Brands

The good news is that users like to hear from brands; 73 percent say that branded content makes the site more interesting. It is rare to find any digital platform where people have such enthusiasm for brand promotions.

One of the most impressive statistics shared by Pinterest is that 61 percent of its users have made a purchase from a company after seeing branded content on the site. Also, 93 percent of users have leveraged the site to research planned purchases.

There are significant message amplification benefits of Pinterest marketing for small business as well. About four in every five Pins is a Repin, meaning users are aggressively sharing content posted by those they follow. Given the importance of peer input in purchase decisions, this sharing is of significant value to your brand.

Referral Traffic to Your Website

Generating traffic is one of the most common objectives and social media marketing benefits for small business. No other prominent social networking channel is as efficient at directing users to brand sites.

The following statistics on Pinterest referral traffic and average sale shared by Rebekah Radice on Twitter indicates the platform’s power to drive referral traffic and high-value conversions. Pinterest far outpaces the performance of Facebook on these metrics.

Perhaps even more impressive, over 5 percent of all the referral traffic to websites comes from Pinterest.

Expanded Audience Reach and Message Impressions

Social media marketing is often used to engage and retain established customers. However, particular channels offer enhanced access to people you wouldn’t otherwise reach with your message.

Pinterest is especially powerful at getting your brand in front of new prospects. Users are 47 percent more likely to learn about new brands on Pinterest than they are on other social networking sites.


These are some of the most powerful Pinterest marketing benefits for small business. As you can tell, companies that target consumers with visually-appealing products or concepts have a lot of ability to reach a targeted, enthusiastic and engaged community that pays close attention to branded content.

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