5 Digital Marketing Benefits for Small Businesses


Last updated on March 24th, 2018

Small-business owners and operators are among the biggest beneficiaries of advancement in digital marketing opportunities. Access to a large audience and affordable communication delivery methods are among the significant digital marketing benefits for small businesses that create a more level playing field.

The following is an introduction to five of the most important digital marketing benefits for small businesses:

  1. Affordability
  2. Budget Control
  3. Adapability
  4. Audience Accessibility
  5. More Money


Finding affordable marketing options that fit within limited budgets is a common challenge for small companies. Relative to traditional media, digital platforms typically provide more affordable options that small providers can utilize.

Social media, search engine optimization, content marketing and email are among delivery channels that allow for unpaid, organic messaging. Naturally, there is a time investment if you do these things alone. Paid communication through display and search advertising, sponsored social media posts and short messaging are practical for small firms as well.

Budget Control

In addition to affordability, digital communications offer excellent budget control. With traditional campaigns via radio, television and print, you have to allocate a set amount of funds to produce and execute on a one-off or periodic basis (monthly, for instance).

Typical digital platforms offer excellent budget control. If you run a paid search campaign, you can amplify investment for keywords that achieve high return on investment and remove those with low engagement. Similarly, you can track investments in social media and other online channels to mitigate waste.


The tracking capabilities of digital are unparalleled by traditional media. In a traditional campaign, you have to develop and deliver messages for a period of time before you can start to research results.

Digital campaigns enable immediate, often real-time, assessment of performance. This immediacy gives small-business owners the ability adjust their strategy more quickly and regularly. Check out this great resource from Augurian for insights on metrics to include as you monitor digital return on investment.

Audience Accessibility

Just like larger organizations, small companies need to go to the market to succeed. Even local audiences are widely accessible via digital platforms.

Mobile Internet and search traffic surpassed desktop in 2014. The influx of mobile activity contributes to significant research by users looking for local providers. The graphic below compares the portion of mobile versus desktop searches for local resources. It is clear that the increased reliance on mobile devices for Internet means more attention for local operators.

Local Mobile vs. Desktop Search

Increasingly, consumers facilitate voice-activated searches through smart watches and phones. By 2020, about half of Google searches will occur through voice-activation. These searches are usually aimed at meeting needs in the local market.

Social media, text messaging and email are additional channels through which small businesses can find a readily available local audience.

More Money

Every decision a business leader makes is ultimately intended to contribute to increased conversions, revenue and profits. The data is overwhelming that effective digital marketing leads to improved performance in all of these financial metrics.

Recent data shared by SmartInsights showed that Black Friday and Cyber Monday conversion rates on Shopfiy for digital included 4.29 percent for email, 3.04 percent for search, 2.93 percent for direct and 1.81 percent for social media.


These five compelling digital marketing benefits for small businesses demonstrate the competitive opportunities these channels provide. Small firms have much greater opportunity now to compete with larger organizations.

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