5 Hootsuite Social Media Management Benefits for Small Business

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Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management tools for companies big and small. This software allows your company to select a plan that offers the particular benefits you want, at the price point that makes sense for you.

The following is an in-depth overview of the primary Hootsuite social media management benefits for small business to help you make an informed decision and investment!

Affordability and Flexibility

Outside of typical social media marketing risks for small businesses, there are limited obstacles to trying your luck with Hootsuite social media management. You can being with a free “Individual” plan, which allows one user three social networks and up to 30 scheduled messages. Expand the individual plan for $25 per month to increase to 10 social accounts, unlimited messaging and a few other additional features.

Team plans range from three to 10 users, and 20 to 50 social profiles. Price points are $129 per month for the “Team” plan and $499 for the “Business” plan. For larger companies, custom solutions and contracts are available for higher-scale needs.

All of these Hootsuite social media management pricing plans include 30-day free trials. Thus, you can test the software’s capabilities to figure out whether the Hootsuite benefits make sense for your small business.

Hootsuite Social Media Management Benefits and Pricing Plans

Efficiency and Time-Savings

The primary function of any social media management tool is the ability to facilitate multiple accounts through one platform. Hootsuite’s primary structure centers on your integrated social networking accounts and various “streams” of content you assign to your dashboard.

Stream options include:

  • Channel feeds
  • @ Mentions
  • Your Latest Posts
  • Search terms or hashtags

Evaluate the types of content you need constant access to based on your social media plan and activities. A good plan and solid organization allows you to efficiently monitor selected content across all social networks on one screen. Imagine the time you save relative to trying to manage four or five different accounts independently on a desktop or via social networking apps.

Hootsuite Streams Example

Effective Engagement

Coinciding with the efficiency advantages, you can more effectively engage followers and people in your target audience with single-screen social media management. You can identify mentions of your brand, replies and tagged mentions for all social networks at the same time. You might have one mention come in on Twitter, and then another on Instagram moments later.

The ability to engage your audience intimately is chief among the social media marketing benefits for small business. It is difficult to interact across multiple channels for time-strapped small-business operators. However, single-source control improves your opportunities immensely.

Increased Social Network Opportunities

Small companies are often limited in the number of social media channels they can effectively manage. If you try to run accounts on all of the major platforms, you spread yourself too thin. It is worse to have an empty account than to not have one as it looks bad for your brand. Thus, you may opt to stick to just a few primary channels.

Though it still doesn’t always make sense to attempt every platform, Hootsuite social media management benefits include increased capacity to run accounts. Thus, you might find you can effectively run four or five accounts as opposed to two or three. Each account offers access to more prospects, more features and more branding opportunities.

You can also bulk schedule posts on channels in Hootsuite, which means you don’t have to spend a lot of time on your accounts every single day. Instead, pre-plan campaigns and schedule messages in advance. It is still a good idea to check in periodically to engage with social network users.

Results-Tracking and Analytics

Hootsuite offers a lot of analytics and reporting features for users as well. Primary tracking includes data on Tweets, Followers, Engagement and Traffic. You get access to counts for a particular period as well as growth rates from one period to the next. Learn post-level data as well so you can figure out which content and which hashtags drive the best response.

For $480 per year, gain access to deeper data on your followers and prospects. Though this may sound pricey, consider the potential return on investment when you have a better sense of your top customers, their interests and social behaviors. You can deliver more effective and more targeted campaigns across all social networks.

Hootsuite Analytics Benefits


These are some of the top Hootsuite social media management benefits for small business. Even if you aren’t completely sold on the advantages available, there is virtually no risk in trying the free individual account to get a better sense of how the software works. At just $25 per month, a more involving experience with 10 social accounts is still very affordable.

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