Advertising is a site that serves the interests of small-business operators, entrepreneurs, aspiring marketers or those looking to build their digital marketing talents. This audience provides excellent promotional opportunities for sponsor partners with quality products and services to present to this targeted market.

The following are standard advertising and promotional options with pricing. I am also open to discussing any customized promotional options you have in mind!

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are a great way to connect with the audience of this site. Readers come in search of great content related to one or more categories of digital marketing. You can connect with the audience by offering a quality strategy, tips or resources article that connects users to the types of information and opportunities that align with your brand.

Exclusive (Client-Produced) 400-600 word article, 1-2 ‘nofollow’ links, 3 Twitter shares, 1 Facebook share = $50
Publisher-Produced 400-600 word article, 1-2 ‘nofollow’ links, 3 Twitter shares, 1 Facebook share = $75

Traditional and Native Advertising

250×250 Sidebar Ad: Above-the-Fold = $60/Month; Below-the-Fold = $30/Month
In-Article Ad: 1st Ad Position within Article $5/Article per Month {Size Options: 250×250, 720×90, similar portions}

Social Media Promotion

One Week: 7 Sponsored Twitter Posts over One Week = $10
Two Week: 15 Sponsored Twitter Posts over Two Weeks = $20
One Month: 31 Sponsored Twitter Posts over 30 Days = $40

Please Contact Neil to discuss any of these advertising options, or to express interest in a customized promotional solution. I reserve the right to refuse any advertiser based on legal and ethic grounds, as well as the relevance of the content the website.

All advertising on this site adheres to FTC guidelines for proper disclosure of promotional content!