U.S. Programmatic Digital Display Ad Spending

How to Buy Digital Advertising: Direct Buy versus Programmatic

Deciding how to buy digital advertising can seem overwhelming if you haven’t done it before. There are limitless websites and search engines that sell online ads, including the popular display…

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U.S. Digital Advertising Spending

Digital Advertising Growth Contributes to Print Media Struggles

It is widely recognized within the marketing community that digital advertising has taken over as the dominant category for media spending. What you may not know is that print media,…

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What is Digital Advertising? – Digital Advertising Definition

What is digital advertising? The answer to this question is likely more complicated than you expect. In short, it is paid marketing communication delivered through digital or electronic channels. However,…

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Ad Remarketing Concept

Why Google is Enabling Ad Blocking on Remarketing Campaigns

Last updated on March 24th, 2018It seems counter-intuitive that a company that makes its living on advertising revenue is offering its users an escape from certain paid ads. However, that…

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