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Last updated on April 20th, 2018

Are you a small-business owner or entrepreneur on a limited budget? Do you run a new company or one mired in traditional marketing strategies? Perhaps you are a marketing professional looking to enhance your understanding of new media, or a brand influencer wondering how to leverage your online following to earn revenue?

Whether you identify with any of these descriptions or simply want to learn as much as possible about digital marketing strategy, this website and blog are for you! Owned and operated by a college marketing professor, this site offers a comprehensive overview of the primary components currently used in a complete digital marketing strategy.

Learn about digital marketing basics, the role of websites, user experience, content marketing, buyer personas, buyer journeys, search engine optimization, customer relationship management, analytics, email marketing, mobile marketing, digital advertising and much more!

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A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Marketing Strategy

For a compact and thorough resource on all of the key aspects of an integrated digital marketing strategy discussed on this site, download the new book A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Marketing Strategy via eBook or in paperback. Use this book to help create your own comprehensive digital marketing strategy for your company or yourself!

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