U.S. Programmatic Digital Display Ad Spending

How to Buy Digital Advertising: Direct Buy versus Programmatic

Deciding how to buy digital advertising can seem overwhelming if you haven’t done it before. There are limitless websites and search engines that sell online ads, including the popular display…

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How to Design an Engaging Website

8 Important Rules for Online Content to Boost Your Marketing Results

Due to differences in consumption habits and marketing priorities, rules for creating quality online content are quite distinct relative to those applied in traditional media. Thus, it is important to…

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How to Get People to Share Your Content

Content is not a standalone tool. Never create content that you don’t believe will drive sharing. In addition to sharing your own content in online directories and on social media,…

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Best Content Marketing Formats and How to Use Them

When your company has a great understanding of its marketplace and has developed one or more buyer personas, the next usual step in the content marketing process is to determine…

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Data Showing Importance of Online Customer Reviews

The Importance of Online Customer Reviews

I often joke about the difference between “real friends” and “Facebook friends.” However, in truth, people shopping in eCommerce seem to value the input of online friends, and strangers for…

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