Why Buyer Personas are Important to Your Business

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It is likely if you are here that you have heard about buyer personas. However, it is very possible that you aren’t sure exactly what they are or why buyer personas are important for your business. If so, you aren’t alone.

The following is an introduction to the basics and a look at why buyer personas are important for digital marketing success!

Marketing Plans and Target Markets

Any marketing plan should begin with discussion of the target audience and market segments for the business, and particular types of solutions. Historically, target markets were defined with general descriptions that attempted to cover the vast majority of typical buyers a company served. For instance, a trendy, upscale fashion retailer selling clothes for the young professional might describe its market as, “Women, 21-34, making $30,000 to $60,000 per year, looking for quality clothes to match their busy, professional lifestyle.”

An improved, contemporary approach to target marketing is to identify a buyer persona. With this approach, a company creates a semi-fictional character with very specific traits and lifestyle attributes best represents the ideal customer profile or the prototypical person the company wants to hone in on for its business or a given solution.

Benefits of Buyer Personas

Creating a buyer persona helps you improve your ability to personalize content because your company views prospects and customers as individuals with real characteristics and emotions, rather than a general description. It allows marketers and sales reps to build more impactful message strategies based on a deeper understanding of the needs, interests and motives of individuals within the marketplace.

Looking at the same fashion retailer in the previous example, converting the target market description to a buyer persona could lead to the following profile:

  • Name: Gillian
  • Gender: Female
  • Family: Married with 2 young children
  • Occupation: Mortgage Broker
  • Income: $50,000
  • Hobbies: Arts, Culture, Local Events

Naturally, not all prospects within the target market will match this precise description. In fact, you may not have a single customer who matches every trait described exactly. The point is to get a strong sense of who your buyer is as a person and a professional, so that you can best match your delivery channel and message strategy to motivate a response.

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How to Build Buyer Personas

To add depth to your profile, it is important to identify key problems and concerns of your targeted persona, along with common questions this person ponders when executing a query in a search engine.

Your content strategy should emphasize the development of accurate, thorough answers to these common questions with broad and deep coverage. This methodology to crafting content helps you meet expectations of users who want useful and relevant information and resources, which not coincidentally helps you align with the algorithms used by Google and other search engines when prioritizing results.

Why Buyer Personas are Important and How to Create Buyer Personas

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You should now have a better sense of why buyer personas are important to your business, along with an understanding of buyer persona benefits and some insights on how to create them! The more precise your marketing target the more capable you are of delivering useful, relevant content that drives the desired response.

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